pebbles logo


Reiki Treatment

Complimentary Therapy - Start Up

The client wanted a logo and brand identity for use on all customer touch points.

The identity must resonate with the target audience:

Mostly female, mid 20s - 60s, some expendable income, bohemian.


Appropriate - But Not Clique

Calm and Reassuring:


Nature - Plants, Trees / Wood, Water, Stone.

Aesthetic - Space, Cool, Soft, Smooth.

Ducks Over the Lake


ripples react sketch
cut aways sketch


Cut Outs and Negative Space.

bracket text manipulations

Text Manipulation

Repetition of the bracket to replace bowl of "b" and give uniform look.

bracket cut out idea

Bracket / Ripple Idea

Repetition of the bracket in logo as negative space cut-outs creating a fingerprint or ripples on a pebble.

bracket cut out idea pebbles logo
bracket cut out flower sun idea

Flower / Sun

Circular repetition of fingerprint / pebble to create a flower or sun pattern.  Adding a small solid centre point representing the individual in a calm space.


Ripples, Pebbles / Stones, Fingerprints.

Business Cards with design
phone with website


laptop website
bus stop poster

“I would highly recommend Space Panda.  I had no idea where to begin with creating a logo or branding but Sye guided me through it.


He produce an excellent logo for me, even when I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted.  He really captured the look and feel I envisioned for Pebbles in the branding.  Sye is a real pleasure to work with.”


Clare, Pebbles