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30 Logos Challenge - Half Way

I am just reaching the halfway point of my #30logos design challenge.

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15 Logos So Far

Before I continue, let me explain a little bit... The #30logos challenge is a challenge for designers to make 30 logos over 30 days. It's a fun way for us designers to flex our design muscles and give us something to work on to keep our creative brains busy!

When starting out with this challenge, I questioned the value. Ideally, I would go deep on any single design I took on, researching, developing and refining ideas until I created a finished product that really solves a design problem. I was finding that the designs I was creating we not designs I would present to a client.

I persevered with the challenge because it became apparent to me that it was useful to me to do so. The design briefs that were being supplied were exactly that - brief! I would never walk away from a client with this much information and feel ready to start work! Having one small design to do every day really gave me a drive to keep my practical work going. It would be very easy for me to spend days on other elements of the business putting on all my other hats! I also started to find that doing these exercises daily was like going for a jog every day; I felt my overall "fitness" improved and my muscle memory was kicking in. I felt like I was ready to run a marathon!

I decided early on that the best way to handle the workload involved would be to always be a day ahead, so I designed 2 logos, shared the first and continued to design for the next day and share the design made the day before. Doing this took the pressure off a bit, but it also meant I could make a few tweeks with fresh eyes before sharing. So far I have only had one day that I had no time to create a design and my day ahead strategy saved me from falling behind.

I have shared all my posts to my instagram and facebook pages. Each post has a bit of detail about the design decisions made and how they relate to the brief. Here are a few examples:

I am looking forward to sharing another 15 logos on the second half of this challenge! If you're a graphic designer and are looking for a challenge, why not pick up the design briefs from the 30logos twitter page.

If you have any questions or are looking for a logo or brand design for your company, get in contact.

See you on the other side!


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