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30 Logos in 30 Days

Pop open the champagne! On the 8th of November 2018 I posted the logo for the #30logos challenge!

#30logos logo challenge canvas
All 30 logos from the challenge.

At the halfway point in this challenge, I posted a blog article on my experience so far. After writing that article and boasting about being a day ahead, things got a lot harder! I guess the longer you try to maintain doing something every day, the more likely it is you are going to let it slip. On several occasions I found myself finishing up a logo design late at night or rushing to complete a design before I had to head out and do other things.

The important thing is, I completed the challenge and posted every day and I am proud of that. The overall quality of the work I produced is pretty good too. Most of the design briefs left enough breathing room that I could make a few assumptions that would normally (in a real life situation) require further research or discussion with the client.

Time was not my friend, but also there was also the issue of spoilers. I have watched numerous YouTube videos of designers including design tutorials by Zimri and also critiques on the Futur. Some of the design briefs from the challenge had actually popped up before so I had seen other people solving the same design problems. This added the extra challenge of avoiding using the same ideas – since I could really be sure if I would have thought of them otherwise. The positive side is, it pushed me harder to come up with really original ideas.

There were also a few challenges that mixed things up a little bit, but I won't say too much about those in-case you are interested in trying the challenge and I spoil the surprise! If you want to find out more, just have a look through my Instagram posts and you should find the challenges I am referring to.

The 30 logos challenge was a great experience and I would recommend it to any logo or brand designer, whether new to the subject or with some experience. It gave me a driving purpose for 30 days straight and pushed me to share consistent content on my Instagram and Facebook profiles. You can find the briefs on the 30logos twitter page.

My next challenge will be to return to more in-depth designs. I have already started populating my Behance profile with logo and brand projects that go into more detail and provide more mock-ups and better laid-out content on the process. I have also started on an overlapping grid aesthetic for my Instagram profile, building on one of the designs from the 30 logos challenge.

30 logos design mock-up metallic sign
Design mock-up of metallic sign for Behance project.

If you have any questions or are looking for a logo or brand design for your company, engage with me!


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