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Is Wix right for you?

Should you choose a Website?

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You may have heard of Wix. It is one of the most popular website building platforms and currently host to around 119 Million Websites. If you have heard of them, maybe you have heard mixed reports and are not sure if it's right for you. Hopefully this article will help to clarify this for you.

Getting Started

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First off, Wix is incredibly easy to get started with which probably starts to explain why it is so popular. If you have been putting off setting up your website and want to put a big satisfying tick next to it on your to do list, stop procrastinating and just head over to the Wix website. You can sign up with some basic information (or use your existing Google or Facebook account) and you are ready to start building a site. If you want to, you can then just select a category for your site and have Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) put together the whole site from a set of criteria. You'll have a modern looking clean site that is ready to populate with your own content in minutes.

Head over to Wix now and start building for free!

Customising Your Site

Wix website example

Once you have a basic site set up, you can then adjust and edit, add and subtract elements to your hearts content. At this stage, I personally stripped my site to the bones and started again, but you have the option of how much you want to manipulate your site and when. If you feel a bit less comfortable, you can start with the basics and add pages as and when you are ready with no “Under Construction” signs in sight.

Why I Personally Chose Wix

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When I was researching where to build my own website, one of the main draws for me was that Wix is completely free to get going with. This meant I could test the interface out, build a rough draft of my site before committing. You can use that site for free if you would be content with a domain of "" and also add placements on your site that you would not be in control of.

Once I had my site ready, I was then able to convert what I had built by upgrading the site to one of the premium options and it was ready to go. Head over to Wix to confirm the most recent pricing. At the time of building my site, I opted for the Unlimited plan as it is the lowest paid option that includes unlimited bandwidth, but see what would work for you.


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To summarise some key benefits of Wix:

  • Easy to get started.

  • Free to use and upgrade later.

  • Easy to build and customise your site – even for the less tech savvy.

  • A long list of added functionality all on one solid platform with no fuss.

Drawbacks and Considerations

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My Wix site does what I need it to do, but you may want to consider other options if you have very specific needs for your site as there are limits to the customisation that can be done in the Wix editor. If you need more control and have the time to learn from the tutorials available online, you may want to consider Wordpress.

If you are building your business completely around your website, for example you may want to sell the business and website on in the future, and you want to build the website yourself, I would recommend learning more about Wordpress.


Wix website SEO

I have heard mixed reports on the successful optimisation of Wix sites over other platforms. What I understand is that Google doesn't discriminate when it comes to the platform a website was built on. It looks at the code, content and analytics and applies it's algorithm. The Wix website builder has a build in SEO Wizard to take you through step by step and the editor allows you to set your meta tags up including header tags for your titles and descriptive meta tags on your images throughout your site.

I won't go too deep into SEO but I'd also add that is also very easy to make changes to your website using the Wix editor and Google likes to see regular updates and changes.


Wix website example

To conclude, I would say I would recommend Wix to anyone who needs a functioning website online in a short space of time and have limited resources. I would say Wix has a lot to offer and although it is limited, it's definitely worth considering if you do not have a big budget, loads of time to study or any particularly advanced requirements. It is easy and actually quite fun to use. If you are building your business solely on your website, i.e. the business is your website, you may want to look at Wordpress or to hire a local web developer to make something next level.

Full disclosure: if you use the links on this post, this helps me out as I get a small commission on any purchases and it doesn't effect the price you pay. These are my genuine recommendations based on my experience and any commission will help me to continue to write informative and unbiased blogs in the future.

Take a look around my site and see what I made using Wix.

If you have any questions or are looking for a logo or brand design for your company, engage with me!


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