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To Linktree or Not to Linktree?

If you use Instagram for marketing you will be aware that (for better or for worse) you can't share clickable links on your posts. There is a space to put your website in your bio section and that's your lot.

I saw someone I follow and does remarkable well @bonnietsangstudio had a in place of her website link, something that looked like this:

Bonnie Tsang Instagram screenshot
Bonnie Tsang Instagram Screenshot

As soon as I saw this, I figured what it would be and knew why it was there. Link Tree has to be (and is) a landing page where you could place multiple links. I though that it would be super useful but had no idea if it was complicated or has a cost attached so and put in on a shelf in my mind.

Today, I was contemplating my Instagram posts and I took this thought back off the shelf and blew the dust of it. Just minutes later, I was signed up and it was set up, almost before I even realised I was doing it. It was so ridiculously easy and it has a free option!

So what's the catch? I just did a little bit of research and very quickly found this article on the subject basically warning people off of using Linktree because it will not be branded and due to a recent incident of being marked as spam. They recommend making your own landing page manually and having that do the job.

It seems to me that this would be ideal in theory but in a practical sense, having to edit your website to make a change will be more time consuming and fiddly.

So the jury is out, I'm not convinced there is much harm in using Link Tree over a customised landing page. I also think it's likely the people at Instagram have updated their system and if Link Tree is being used quite widely, they will not mark users as spam again. I will leave the Linktree on my Instagram page and we shall see!

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