Rebel Buddha Logo



Film Production Company - Start Up

The client wanted a logo to be a recognisable symbol for his brand. 

They asked for a design that was colourful and bright.


They were keen on a "sunset orange" colour and asked for a balance between an intricate and simple design.

Body Tattoo


Tackling an Oxymoron

Rebel: Non-Conformist, Modern, Urban, Street Art / Graffiti, Tattoos.

Buddha: Historical, Non-Confrontational, Passive, Nature.


buddha sketch

The Original Sketch

Sketched in pencil then defined in pen.  Simplified Buddha with smirk in meditation position.

buddha vector

Vector Trace

The sketch was traced in Illustrator into a simple vector form.

buddha paintbrush

Brush Effects and Adjustments

The image was ​given a painted by hand look.

Rectangle Lamp Post Banner rebel buddha
rebel buddha billboard
mac screen rebel buddha


Perspective Business Cards Rebel Buddha
iPhone 6 Wood Top rebel buddha

"Sye’s design service was both professional and intuitive. My company’s needs and previous ideas were listened to and the final brief brought forward gave us a great platform to work from and decide on which direction to go in.


I found the process from initial consultation to conclusion not only straight forward but also produced a quality design!"


Kev, Rebel Buddha